What Does a Freelance Blogger Do?

You’re here because you’re thinking of hiring a freelance blogger. But are you really clear on what they do? I get it. You need more time to focus on other parts of your business and someone told you to outsource writing your blog. So you Googled “outsource writing my blog” or “hire a freelance blogger”. But you aren’t entirely sure how this whole thing works. So let’s go over the basics of what a freelance blogger does.

What is a freelance blogger?

A freelance blogger is someone who works for multiple clients writing blog posts. Blogs need consistent entries in order to stay fresh and show up in Google (and other search engine) results. But blog owners don’t always have time to write those entries.  You might have other things to do for your business, such as creating products or services or working directly with clients. Or you might have multiple blogs and can’t find time to write for all of them. Whatever the case, a freelance blogger will write those entries for you. You get content for your blog without investing any of the time, energy, or mental effort.
                                                                                                                                                Photo by Deeezy via Pixabay.com

What does a freelance blogger do?

If you read the last section and thought saying a freelance blogger writes blogs seems a little too simple and obvious, you’re right. That’s a very surface level way of describing what they do. Those blog posts are more than just the words your reader sees. Those posts are also hours spent:
  • Researching
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Searching for images
  • Adding images
  • Uploading to your blog
  • SEO optimization
Now, not all bloggers offer all of those services (I do), but they definitely do the research, writing, and at least some editing (otherwise, your posts would be littered with errors!). Most also do SEO optimization (if they don’t, you may want to keep looking). Some bloggers, like me, also offer additional writing services. They may offer to write email sequences, newsletters, website copy, social media posts, and other content that you might need. They might also offer services such as finding or creating royalty-free images that go with your post and uploading your post to your website for publication.

Do I want a freelance writer?

If you’re not looking for blog content, but instead for emails, website copy, or other written content, you can still hire a freelance blogger who offers those services. You might also look for freelance writers. A freelance writer is essentially interchangeable with a freelance blogger. Other titles you might use to find who you’re looking for include:
  • Content Strategist
  • SEO Writer
  • Content Writer
  • Freelance Web Content Writer
  • Professional Writer
  • Ghost Writer
These are all names that writers may call themselves. Each writer will define the specifics of the kind of writing they do. Ready to talk about what you need and whether I can provide it? Go ahead and schedule your 30-minute consultation so we can see if we’re on the same page!