Prices listed here are starting rates and vary based on project scope.

Three different services to meet your content needs

I offer three different services to meet all your written content needs. There’s my prewritten content that comes with a lower price point, completely customized content that can also include images and uploading, and my content repurposing service. 

Need or want more than one service? We can mix and match to meet your needs. 

Prices listed here are for blog post content. For emails, social media posts, website copy, or other content, please ask for a custom project quote. 

Choose a service for You

Prewritten Content

Prewritten content are previously published blog posts. These have been published on my own blog or those of clients in the past. Each one is lightly customized to be a better fit for your needs. 

Why choose this? 

  • Lower price since most of the work is already done
  • Faster turnaround
  • Can publish as a guest post by me or using your own name

Prices start at $75/post or $250/month for 4 posts per month. Inclusion of 1 royalty-free image per post is an additional $30 and uploading to WordPress is an additional $45.

Custom Content

Custom content is created from scratch just for you. We’ll start with an intake interview where I’ll gather info about you, your business, and your goals. I’ll do some additional research and come back with topic ideas. Once you give approval, I start writing. Your content is specific to your business and will not be sold or published elsewhere. 

Why choose this? 

  • Unique content created just for you
  • Can publish under your own name
  • Can publish on your own site or others

Custom content starts at $300 for an 800-word blog post or $1,000/month for 4 800-1,000 word posts per month. Inclusion of 1 royalty-free image per post is an additional $30 and uploading to WordPress is an additional $45.

Content Repurposing

Content repurposing is just what it sounds like: taking your existing content and repurposing it into more content. 

Do you have: 

  • blog posts
  • podcast episodes
  • YouTube videos
  • email newsletters
  • social media posts?

I’ll go through them, pull some of the best pieces, and rework them so they can be used again. For example, I’ll turn a podcast episode’s show notes into a blog post, or a blog post into a script for a YouTube video. 

Content repurposing starts at $750 for 3 pieces of repurposed content or $2,000 for an audit of 3 months content with 9 pieces of repurposed content. 

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