Wendy Miller

Freelance Writer, Self-Care Aficionado, Single Mom & Your New Favorite Person

Oh, hey! So you wanna get to know me a little better? That’s cool! What do you want to know? 

What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of? 

That’s a toss-up.  One is homeschooling my kids as a single mom while also running my own business (two of them!). The other is building my own home with my parents and a general contractor when I was 26 (also as a single mom). 

Either way, attention to detail and organization were serious superpowers for me. 

How did you start writing? 

Writing comes so naturally to me that I truly can’t tell you how I came to it. I remember my grandmother encouraging my love of reading and writing, telling me she believed in my abilities. And my 6th grade Language Arts teacher submitted my short story to a story anthology that allowed me to attend a student writing conference. 

But ultimately, it’s really just that words are my passion.  The way they can be used to persuade, inspire, soothe, hurt or heal. The way they bring something to life, complete with color, sound, and texture. 

Maybe I came out of the womb this way. Or maybe it came later. I’m just glad it came because I can’t imagine my life without writing. 

Aren’t you also the Mindful Single Mom? 

I am! The Mindful Single Mom is my passion project – my other passion. You can see more of my writing there, as well as benefit from my self-care, meditation, mindfulness, and other parenting, relationship, and lifestyle tips and advice. 

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

That could be a couple of things. 

I didn’t break any bones until I was 30. And then it was so stupid. 

I went outside late at night to turn off a water hose my kids had left running. We had a dog who loved to dig. On the way to the hose, I stepped around his latest efforts. On the way back… three broken bones, several torn tendons and ligaments, two screws and a surgery later, I set off metal detectors no matter where I go. 

I also have stage fright. You wouldn’t know it from watching any of my meditation videos or listening to the audios. But before I go “live,” my stomach is knotted up and I feel like I’m going to vomit up every meal I’ve ever eaten in my life. My mouth is the Sahara, my hands are the middle of the Pacific, and I can’t decide if I want to cry or laugh. 

But once I hit that record button, it all goes away and I’m as relaxed as can be. At least until the next time I’m about to go on camera.

What makes you a great writer?

I was born to write. Whether you can’t find your voice or simply don’t have the time or energy to write your own content, I love using my words to bring your voice to life. 

You hate writing. You don’t want to be bothered with learning SEO, etc. You don’t have time to write.

You got into business to create your products or services, not write blogs, emails, and other copy. You want to put your time, energy and creativity where it really counts. 

Writing is a part of doing business – like paying taxes and bills. It needs to be done but it’s not fun for you. 

I get all that. And I also get that delegating writing your copy to someone else is not easy. You need trust. 

Trust that the person you’re handing this make-or-break part of your business to knows what they’re doing. That they know how to learn your voice and be you as they write. And at the same time, that they can put themselves in your customers’ shoes to ensure that what you say persuades, inspires, and most important – sells. 

And I promise you, you can trust me with all that. I’ve got you.