The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Freelance Blogger and Getting the Best Results
The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Freelance Blogger and Getting the Best Results

To build your business, blog, or website and grow your audience, it’s important to invest in content marketing. This strategy involves creating and distributing high-quality content that promotes your business or brand. But how can you do this if you don’t have the time or resources? You might need to hire a freelance blogger. A professional writer who focuses on blog creation can assist you with developing content for your website. However, hiring a freelancer isn’t easy. There are many things you must take into consideration when looking for the right person for the job. In this blog post, we will cover tips on hiring a freelance blogger and what you should look for when interviewing potential candidates; we also have advice on finding great writers who aren’t afraid of hard work and will produce stellar content consistently.

What You Should Know Before Hiring a Freelance Blogger

Before you go out and hire a freelance blogger, you should know a few things first:

  • How much does hiring a freelance blogger cost: Freelancers typically charge by the hour, word, or project. Hourly rates vary widely, depending on your location and the type of work being done. This can make it tricky to budget, but you can avoid problems by setting clear expectations upfront.
  • How can you pay a freelancer: A few ways to pay your freelancers, including paying by cash, check, PayPal, or Venmo. You can also use an online payment system that lets you pay contractors.
  • What are the advantages of hiring a freelance blogger: Freelancers often have a lot to offer, including creativity and the ability to work independently. Because they are not a full-time employee, you do not need full-time work for them – you can hire them just when you need them or sign a contract for specific projects or needs.
  • What are the disadvantages of hiring a freelance blogger: Since they’re not an official part of your team, you don’t have control over their hours or availability. Their deadlines may be different than yours, and you’ll have to decide if you can work with that. Because you are just one of their clients, they may also be working with some of your competitors (though an ethical freelancer will never share any information about other clients).

The Importance of Content Marketing

Content marketing is creating and publishing high-quality content that engages your target audience and encourages them to take action. It is a strategy used across all industries and verticals to attract new customers and grow revenue by building an audience and driving leads. The three main types of content used for content marketing are:

  • Blogs
  • eBooks
  • Case Studies

Other types of content that you may use for content marketing include:

  • Newsletters/Emails
  • Social Media
  • Sales Pages/Funnels

The main goal of content marketing is to build trust with your target audience and drive leads to your website. When done correctly, it can increase website traffic and generate leads. You can use content marketing to promote your products, services, and other assets that your business has to offer. For example, you can create blog posts that inform readers about your services or products and showcase the value they provide. You can also write content that educates your audience about topics that are relevant to your field, such as industry trends, best practices, and tips.

How to Find the Right Freelance Blogger for Your Business

If you’re ready to hire a freelance blogger, you must ensure that you get the best possible person for the job. To do this, you must first understand what qualities are important in a writer. There are some obvious requirements such as:

  • Knowledge of grammar and spelling
  • Ability to research
  • Ability to take direction and criticism
  • Ability to understand and write with appropriate tone (formal, friendly, conversational, etc.)

Make a list of everything you expect from your ideal blogger, including their writing skills (there's a big difference between writing blog posts and white papers, for example), ability to meet deadlines, and experience level. Based on this list, you should be able to narrow down your options and find the best person for the job.

Keep in mind, that if you use your budget to define your expectations, you will likely be getting what you pay for. High-quality blog posts are not $5-30 – those are quickly churned out to make the next few bucks. A high-quality blog post takes hours to write, including research, editing, and revisions. Expect to pay as much as $100-400 per blog post, and even more, depending on your industry, blog post topic, and length of the blog post.

Another thing to understand is that even as you are interviewing freelance bloggers, they are interviewing you too. As a blogger, I look for clients who are clear on who their target audience is, understand that I cannot guarantee results, recognize that they are hiring me to do this work and trust me to do it without micromanaging, are willing and able to make time to review and go over the work, and know that they are responsible for the accuracy of everything published on their website (whether I wrote it or not).

3 Steps to Make the Most of Your Freelancer

Once you’ve hired a freelance blogger, you want to ensure that you’re making the most of their time. To do this, you must create a detailed project plan and clear expectations. Here are a few tips for making the most of your freelance blogger:

  • Establish a Project Plan: Before you hire a freelance blogger, create a detailed project plan. This will help you stay organized and communicate your expectations with your writer. It should include information like how many posts you want, the topics you want covered, when you need the posts, and whether you want any extra content to go with them (such as social media posts or an email to tell subscribers about the new post).
  • Set Clear Expectations: Ensure you set clear expectations with your freelance blogger so they understand their responsibilities. If you need them to provide images, create infographics or other graphics, say so upfront. If you want your blogger to choose the topics of the posts, let them know. Whether it’s just once or all the time, be as clear as you can about what you’re expecting so your freelancer can meet your needs from the beginning.
  • Stay Organized: It’s important to stay organized throughout the hiring and work process. Make sure you keep all communication in one place and keep track of the progress your freelance blogger is making. Keep time open on your calendar for reviewing blog posts and asking for revisions on time. When you are responsible for providing something to your freelance blogger, such as a list of topics to cover, images to include, or statistics or other facts or figures not publicly available, make sure you take note of that and hand it over by the deadline your blogger gives you.

A freelance blogger can be an asset to your business if you hire the right person. To do this, you must first understand what qualities are important in a writer. Once you’ve found the right person, make sure you make the most of your time by creating a detailed project plan and setting clear expectations.

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