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You know that confident, excited, I-wonder-where-this-might-go feeling that comes after a first date that was amazing? I love that feeling!

You know what I don’t love? All the stuff before the first date. The anxiety, the wondering what we’ll talk about, deciding what to wear, deciding whether to have a friend call with an “emergency” mid-date. I mean, it’s a lot and it’s exhausting! 

And I’ll admit, when that date is amazing, it’s all worth it. But I can’t deny that I usually wish I had someone who could just handle everything for me. Choose my outfit, do my hair and makeup, give me a stack of notecards on what to talk about, and even having my back and stepping in if things go south. 

It would make things so much easier and smoother – and I’d be so much calmer!

I know, you’re wondering what the hell dating has to do with writing, right? 

When you have blog posts, emails, social media posts, and other content written and ready to go, you have that confident, excited, I-wonder-where-this-might-go feeling, right? You know that for new clients, it’s like a first date and you know it will be amazing for them. For existing clients, it’s like a date even further down the line – luring them one step closer to that committed relationship. 

But when you don’t have your content ready? When you have to write your blog posts, emails, and social media posts? When you’re struggling to find ideas, trying to figure out what keywords are and how they relate to SEO and even what SEO is? When you read what you’ve written and feel like you could have had your third grader write it and do a better job? That’s like my feelings before a first date – and those feelings suck!

And that’s not even addressing the real problem: you got into this business to offer your amazing product or service, not to write blogs and emails and pithy social media captions. You know it’s a necessary part of the deal, but you really don’t like wasting your time on it. 

You’d rather spend your time with clients. Creating new products or services. Or away from the business, with your family and friends. 

And guess what? You can! 

Think of me as that person I wish I had before first dates: the one doing your hair and makeup, choosing your outfit, and giving you notecards with things to talk about. But it’s all for your content!

When you hand content creation over to me, you free up hours, days, maybe even weeks, of your time to focus on other things! And handing it over to me doesn’t have to mean letting go of it completely, either!

Whether you want me to handle all your content creation needs so you can be completely hands off, or you just want to hand over bits and pieces and work with me to create a strategy that works for you, we can create a solution that is perfect for you. 

And here’s some even better news: not all the content we create has to be from scratch, either! Depending on your wants and needs, we can do some content repurposing too. Who says you need a new idea every time? 

So when you’re ready to focus on running your business, let me handle content creation. 

If you want to talk about it first, let’s set up a call. Think of it like a first date – no commitment, no strings. Just a cup of coffee to see if we vibe. 

Actually, since it’s virtual, feel free to have water, tea, or whatever you want. Just do us both a favor and wear pants. 

We don’t want this to get awkward. 


Everyday writing menu

Here’s what I can offer:

  • Copywriting & site content
  • Emails (welcome sequences, newsletters, etc.)
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Ghostwriting
  • Uploading to WordPress
  • Photos (including screenshots, charts, graphs, etc.)

Need something you don’t see here? Reach out and ask! I do take on special projects and I enjoy a challenge!

With a little research, I can write about just about anything. But I tend to focus my work on: 

  • Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Health & Wellness
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Lifestyle
  • Real Estate
  • Home Construction & Renovation
  • Photography
  • Legal


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What They Say

I’ve been working with Wendy for my blog posts for close to 2 years. She always does a great job with my blog posts. The content is perfect and they’re always finished before I need them.  Wendy is great to work with. 

Wendy has been a pleasure to work with for a number of years. She is an excellent writer, content strategist and SEO expert. She delivers relevant content on-deadline leveraging her SEO know-how to create high traffic performing articles that are both inspiring and on-brand.

Hey, I'm Wendy

Writer, Self-care expert, single mom

Writing is my jam.

Whether the words are meant to persuade, educate, or inspire, I love finding just the right ones to paint that picture and then turn the picture into a movie in your mind. 

From helping a first-time mom-to-be decide which baby products she really needs to convincing a stressed-out business exec that meditation can lower their blood pressure, I want to make life better and easier. 

With my keyboard, dictionary, and passion for the written word, I can take your copy, blog, emails, and more from good enough to mind-blowing. 


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